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Best of Best service to provide the best customer satisfaction
Before moving in, we perform cleaning and removal of indoor dust and pollutants, removal of paint marks, wallpaper, silicone adhesive, and cleaning of windows, window frames, doors, and door frames. When customers are satisfied with professional technology and careful construction It is a moving-in cleaning service that does its best.

Reasonable Cost

Professional Manpower  

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Ceiling, wall, floor dust, decontamination and cleaning, light fixture, switch, outlet, door/door frame, window/window frame, windscreen, molding, dust from mop, grime, adhesive, painting glue, sticker, paint, Decontamination and cleaning of silicone, etc.
Entrance/Balcony and Utility Room
・Shoebox dust
・Storage, and shelf dust removal, rainwater cleaning
・Window window, window frame, tile, wall dust removal and cleaning
    (external window separate)
Bedroom / Bathroom
・Removal of internal/external dust in the built-in cabinet
・Removal and cleaning of window sill fine dust
・Wash basin, bathtub, toilet, glass partition, sink
・Floor/wall tile surface cleaning, fan dust removal and cleaning
Living Room
・Removal of internal/external dust from living room furniture
    (living room cabinet, storage cabinet, etc.)
・Dust removal and cleaning of windows/window frames, etc.
・ Countertops, sinks
・Tile, silicone cleaning, range hood dust removal and cleaning
・Built-in household appliance cleaning (optional)
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