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moving service
home moving
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Best of Best service for maximum customer satisfaction

Apartment/condo moving, duplex/fourplex moving, single-family home moving, executive housing moving, local moving, long distance moving

reasonable cost

safe packaging

safe movement

packaging service

  • Wrap beds, blankets, and clothing in plastic wrap to pack materials.
  • Tableware and glasses are packed with dedicated air caps

transportation service

  • Two or three people perform the moving task using the stairs or elevator.

  • Safe and accurate transportation service

  • Incorporating professional personnel with experience and know-how

cleaning service

  • Work on the arrangement of furniture and other items and electrical connection of household appliances (expensive products and those requiring specialized personnel are discussed separately)

  • Installation of wall-mounted TV, air conditioner, etc. (additional charges may apply)

  • Arrange and organize furniture where you want

  • Placing kitchenware and attaching blinds, curtains, and verticals

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