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Style & Expert Service

Zebra blinds

A 2D roll-up shade with an intersection of transparent sheer fabric and opaque vane fabric.
Privacy and mining functions are easy, and various designs are excellent for practicality and aesthetics.

Vertical blinds

This is a vertical Venetian blind that compensates for the drawbacks of curtains.Because it works in the same direction as the window, it is a blind that has been loved for a long time because of its convenience.

Wood blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds that prevent the natural wood slats from being bent by UV coating.
It is a popular product with warm and natural image that can adjust the lighting.

Aluminum blinds

Aluminum Venetian blind that can give interior point with various colors.
It is possible to adjust the lighting and to produce a clean and modern atmosphere.

They're built with the tension mechanism within the top or bottom pieces (known as the headrail or the bottom rail, respectively). Like all cordless window treatments, the tension mechanism allows you to adjust your blinds without the use of a cord.

Motorized Blinds

“Motorized” window treatments simply indicates that the blinds or shades operate using a motor. The motor can be battery-operated or hard-wired. The treatments are operated using a remote control or a button on the shade itself.

Custom Made Quality Products

Our mission is simple — we want to supply our customers with only the quality we would expect ourselves. All our products are made in Korea

Friendly Advice

Our consultants are trained experts when it comes to colour, product and energy efficient savings so they can pass it on to our customers for free.

Competitive Pricing

We take pride in providing quality products at low, affordable prices. Our best price policy and buying power always delivers our customers value for money.

Product Warranty

We are confident in our durable product range and offer continued support after product installation.

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